Two roadmaps towards an international Circular Economy

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B2b-matchmaking tijdens Regmed Europe in Paris

Nieuws Van matchmaking tot fundraising: Maar ze hebben nog veel meer te bieden. Om te weten wat RVO. Het is dus heel breed en we voeren een breed scala aan opdrachten uit.

Wind Energy Matchmaking Nikola Benin, Ph.D The Wind Energy Matchmaking offers professionals in the onshore and offshore wind energy business an unique opportunity to keep updated on the sector and its actors, and meet qualified contacts in a short amount of time.

Duurzame verwarming met houtpellets Een duurzame oplossing Hoe zet je een project op? Jaap van der Haar, Wethouder, Gemeente Meppel 4. Energie-innovaties in de nieuwbouw Systeemdenken in gebiedsontwikkeling Projectontwikkeling 2. Een aardgasvrije wijk; hoe krijg je dat snel voor elkaar? Welke rol speelt de RES in de warmtetransitie voor de gebouwde omgeving Hoe passen de verschillende ambities van gemeenten rond gebouwde omgeving en elektriciteit in een regionaal plan? Welke lessen zijn te trekken uit de pilots?

De warmtetransitie in de gemeente Groningen Zo snel mogelijk naar aardgasvrij Samenwerking is een must Duurzame warmte in de bestaande bouw Dick Takkebos, Directeur, WarmteStad Groningen 9. Privaat — overheidsdeelnemingen en de energietransitie Kunnen overheden via publiek aandeelhouderschap de energietransitie en — duurzame — warmte stimuleren?

Publiek belang en overheidsbeleid op het vlak van de warmtetransitie Over welke instrumenten kunnen overheden beschikken? Het datacenter als restwarmtebron De potentie van datacenter restwarmte Industrie of woningen? Een warmteplan voor de gemeente; hoe doe je dat?

CBI Policy Framework

Partner International Business programma “e-mobiliteit van Amsterdam naar Berlijn” Nederlandse partijen op het gebied van e-mobiliteit en duurzame energie en de Rijksoverheid bundelen hun krachten richting Duitsland. Met name Berlijn wil de komende jaren grote stappen zetten in de nieuwe mobiliteit en energie. De partners vormen gezamenlijk een permanente handelsmissie met vertegenwoordiging in Berlijn en samenwerking met Duitse overheden, stakeholders en de Nederlandse Ambassade.

Het Partner International Business P.

Matchmaking Event Mylène Mesters, Enterprise Europe Network +31 88 56 69 [email protected] Register Now. Book a Stand. Latest news. Kweecker makes home-growing professional food easy for everyone; Green Banana Food presents high-protein, gluten free pasta;

The lack of market knowledge, the lack of export skills to apply this knowledge, and the stringent market access requirements and high quality standards for products that can be traded in for example the European market, form a barrier for producers in low- and middle-income countries. In particular for the least developed countries, where the European market is still a step too far, efforts can be directed at increasing access to regional markets as a stepping stone to the European market.

In addition, for selected SME businesses in low- and middle-income countries who wish to orient themselves on export, export coaching is offered and matchmaking between businesses in low- and middle-income countries and potential buyers in the target markets. To be considered for this, a number of entry criteria must be satisfied. The programmes that are open for application are listed on https: For your company to get involved in a certain country programme, is determined by the following criteria: It may be that for some country programmes, additional or different criteria apply.

Please, check the page of the specific country programme. Find more information about this at this link: After it has been determined that you meet the relevant criteria, a company audit will be conducted by an external expert. If your company does not meet the applicable criteria or if your company cannot access a country programme based on the findings of the company audit, your company will receive a message with an explanation. If you do not agree with the decision, you can appeal against it by sending your appeal to RVO.

If you have been admitted to the country programme as a result of the findings during the company audit, the company will have to agree to an action plan. This action plan forms the basis for further cooperation with us.


Hoofdzakelijk betreffen dit specifieke sectorale missies waarin u op basis van uw wensen van een individueel afsprakenprogramma wordt voorzien. Het Holland House organiseert deze missies in samenwerking met diverse netwerkpartners zoals het Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken, RVO, Kamers van Koophandel, brancheverenigingen en banken.

Op aanvraag organiseert het Holland House exclusieve en tailormade handelsmissies voor clusters van bedrijven. Via onze matchmaking methodologie bent u verzekerd van een individueel bezoekprogramma dat u de handvaten biedt voor succes op de Colombiaanse markt. Wilt u weten hoe uw sector zich ontwikkelt? Bent u op zoek naar de juiste distributiekanalen voor uw product?

 · For questions relating to the Holland Turkey Business Forum, please contact one of the persons below: ING Peter Verheij Tel.: +31 20 89 04 Email: [email protected]

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Smart Grids and Smart Homes

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Moderatoren Mijke Vriens & Rene Broekhuizen (Innovatief inkopen & SBIR, RVO) Jantsje Op De Hoek (Provincie Overijssel) Sebastiaan van Lunteren (Discussion leader, BZK) What if we can make our international community the linking pin between startups and their target countries? Software and matchmaking by gribbio.

To meet the needs of a rapidly growing world population, an unparalleled, worldwide effort is required. Members of the AgriProFocus Network are dedicated to meeting this challenge in collaboration. By working together, learning from each other and unitedly pushing for change. AgriProFocus brings together businesses, civil society, knowledge institutes and governments working towards food security.

United in diversity, our members share the conviction that business and development are not mutually exclusive. This is why innovative ‘agripreneurs’ are at the heart of our strategy. AgriProFocus supports them in finding new, sustainable ways of doing business. Exchanging perspectives and expecting the unexpected. To accomplish more in a culture of collaboration. For people, planet and profit.

Navigating the network, AgriProFocus staff helps members find the right partners and the right information.

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A new Clingendael Report about the recent developments in relations between Mainland China and Taiwan has been published. The report, which is partially sponsored by the NTIO, investigates the economic and political benefits for Europe, and provides reason for the EU to open talks with Taiwan. You can view and download the report directly from the Clingendael website.

Clingendael The Netherlands Institute of International Relations is the leading Dutch think tank and diplomatic academy on international affairs. The institute provides public and private sector organisations with in-depth analysis of global developments in the fields of economic diplomacy, international security and conflict management. Doing business with Taiwan About Taiwan Taiwan is about the same size as the Netherlands, has with around 23 million citizens a slightly bigger population, and is like the Netherlands an export driven economy.

Matchmaking To bring academic, public and private parties together, as well as different research disciplines, the NWO subdivisions mentioned above organize a matchmaking event, which will be held 13 November in New Babylon, The ://

Construction Consumer goods Within each area there is a transition team of all different stakeholders involved consumers, enterprises, bonds, governments, knowledge institutes, etc. Organized in four big themes: Better producing Better managing our waste Mobilizing all actors involved Per theme different measures are presented, counting up till 50, that tackle the challenges on the road to a CE including all the parties concerned consumers, enterprises and the government.

An example of one of the 7 measures connected to this theme is to incorporate more recycled raw materials into products. An example is the measure to force factories to include information on how to repair electronic products when broken. The last theme is to ensure all parties involved are having a voice and taking responsibilities by aiming for the following objectives: Examples of the measures of this theme are the inclusion of the theme CE in the general education by the ministry of education, national and regional.

Prime Minister Philippe presenting the Feuille de route on the 23rd of April. After working together on the EU-action plan for the CE, they look at the Netherlands as a valuable and important partner in the transition towards a circular Europe. Common grounds and activities France and the Netherlands are already working together on the transition towards a CE, but the roadmaps could accelerate our cooperation on different levels national and local policy, business and knowledge.

The transition is a systemic transition involving all parts of society and since it is impossible to be the front-runner on all levels at the same time, there is a lot to learn and exchange. The common themes can reinforce our transition towards a bilateral and European CE! Themes that are on both our agendas are: Construction infrastructure, building and renovation Textile Food and biomass The government as launching customer by circular purchasing.

Full programme

We hebben niet meer ondernemerschapsonderwijs nodig! Een belangrijke nuance die daarbij wordt gemaakt is dat we het steeds meer hebben over ondernemend onderwijs. Ondernemend leren is relevanter dan ooit. Het gaat niet om zoveel mogelijk mensen die een bedrijf starten maar zoveel mogelijk mensen die ondernemender gedrag gaan vertonen. Wat echter op dit moment mist en waar bij alle partijen behoefte aan is, is het meetbaar maken of leerlingen of studenten daadwerkelijk ondernemender worden door het gegeven onderwijs.

Tijdens de Summit is de basis gelegd om met een groepje koplopers hier stappen in te maken.

 · RVO avoidance now takes the height of agents into account when culling obstacles. Animation New: Level-of-Detail Threshold for Animation Graphs Many animation graph

Opportunities for a circular economy in Vietnam 7 December Vietnam is developing quickly, leaving its low-income past behind and becoming a middle-income country. This rapid economic growth is accompanied by increasing pressure on the environment. While there is good environmental legislation, it is not always well enforced. These are big challenges. There are also opportunities for a circular economy.

We are working with Partners for Innovation and local consultants to carry out the study. Building on Reduce — Reuse — Recycle The study covers areas such as sustainable energy, water management, agriculture and the concept of smart cities. A recent scoping mission to Vietnam showed that there was a lot of interest in circular strategies in these sectors, but that there is also still a lot of uncertainty over what a circular economy means in practice.

A challenge for these initiatives is that the collection and recycling of household waste is now largely in the hands of the informal sector. Explore opportunities with Dutch companies The project will also include a meeting with Dutch companies in which the chances for and challenges of doing business in Vietnam will be explored. The results will be presented in Vietnam in the first part of Wijnand Broer Latest News.

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RVO encourages entrepreneurs in sustainable, agrarian, innovative and international business. RVO is the number one contact point for businesses, knowledge institutions and government bodies. One single contact point for information, advice, financing, networking and regulatory matters. One single contact point for a quicker and better service.

Het Holland House organiseert deze missies in samenwerking met diverse netwerkpartners zoals het Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken, RVO, Kamers van Koophandel, brancheverenigingen en banken. Op aanvraag organiseert het Holland House exclusieve en tailormade handelsmissies voor

The aim of a symposium on the topic was to see if integration of the two is possible to contribute to a sustainable energy transition. Around 75 attendees heard two perspectives from the smart grid and smart home sectors and then participated in a lively debate with an expert panel about measures to promote integration. Smart grids Han Slootweg, of Enexis and electrical engineering professor at TU Eindhoven, sees smart grids energy as transition enablers. The present electrical power system is already quite smart in matching supply to demand.

But the introduction of intermittent renewable wind and solar energy and more flexible consumption will increase complexity and reduce controllability. This can be managed with ICT technology for information exchange between actors.

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