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Share this article Share In a newly posted five-minute clip on YouTube, the Atlanta-based pastor responded to his critics saying: I never one time came to you and asked you for a dime for this airplane, did I? Dollar says the church’s current plane, bought in , is broken and needs to be replaced, or he will be unable to continue working around the world ‘The critics don’t know what we do. That’s why they asked the question, what does a preacher need with an airplane? If you knew what we did, then you wouldn’t ask that question. His original appeal for the Gulfstream G – which claims to be the fastest plane ever built in civilian aviation – was so that ‘World Changers Church International can continue to blanket the globe with the Gospel of grace’. A Gulfstream G can fly 18 passengers and four crew members, according to gulfstream. The jet comes with two Rolls-Royce engines, high-speed Internet and two multichannel satellites and allows for a four-and-a-half-hour commute from New York to Los Angeles.

T.D. Jakes Comes Out for ‘Gay Rights’ and ‘LGBT Churches,’ Says Position is ‘Evolving’

Oliver also took aim at Mike Murdock, sharing a clip of the prominent televangelist bragging in front of his congregation about purchasing two private jets with cash and telling his congregation to “act happy” about his “blessings. All three televangelists are among many who preach the “Prosperity Gospel” which Oliver says teaches “that wealth is a sign of God’s favor, and donations will result in wealth coming back to you.

That idea takes the form of ‘seed faith’ – that donations are seeds that you will one day get to harvest.

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Popular televangelist and founder of World Changers Church International, Creflo Dollar, revealed at a national memorial service for renowned pastor and motivational speaker Myles Munroe and his wife, Ruth, in the Bahamas that the revered preacher appeared to him in a dream three days after the deadly crash that killed the beloved couple and seven others last month.

In a YouTube clip of his address at the service last Wednesday, Dollar, who attended with his wife, Taffi, remembered Munroe and his wife as exemplary leaders, and said in his dream Munroe was leading his own homegoing service. You’re leading your own homegoing celebration? We would bump into one another around the world in the Ukraine, in London, and every time he would share pictures of all of his journeys with leaders and prime ministers and presidents around the world.

And we would get to talking about the latest revelation that God had revealed to each of us and we were like two teenage boys shouting and thanking God for the revelation,” Dollar further recalled. And now I know that you cannot take life for granted it is a precious thing,” he said. Watch Creflo Dollar’s full speech below: Follow Leonardo Blair on Twitter:

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They have demonstrated repeatedly a manipulative atmosphere targeting young people in particular while preaching rank heresy. This new film is a continuation of those false teachings and practices. I pray for the young people in that church that they will come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and thus come to know the true Holy Spirit. This addendum features a number of false teachings of Bethel Church in Redding, CA that I was not able to include in the 3-Part series.

Get the whole thing! It is very important to see what has become the “new” Christianity. Go here for further information. The world system has always been a “top down” structure, starting at the apex of the pyramid and going down to the bottom. In kingdoms we have the king at the top, then the princes, common people, slaves. In a democracy we have the President at the top, the VP, the Sec. In business we have the CEO at the top, upper management, lower management, office workers and the janitors.

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Waiting on God is a regular refrain in the life of faith. With all those centuries of waiting for the Messiah, you might think the waiting would be done once Jesus had come. But now in the church age, we wait as much as ever, called to live in the shadow of his return.

Creflo Dollar talks about the importance of asking question in a funny yet truthful way. Asking questions reduces the risk of unwelcomed surprises.

Making Headline News earlier this week took some time to observe YouTube footage of Atlanta-area prep basketball standout Markus Lofton. Ever since his parents first introduced him to basketball, Markus Lofton has been nothing short of brilliant, especially on the ever-so-competitive ATL hoops circuit. And following diligently after his dreams is certainly what this basketball-crazed kid has done throughout the years.

Coming off of a stellar junior campaign in which he was afforded the golden opportunity to play significant roles both of the varsity and junior varsity squads, Markus Lofton held his own and, a majority of the time, he exceeded his own expectations. With others likely to follow, presuming his all-around game takes a significant upgrade this upcoming season. According to Markus Lofton, Baylor, Stetson, Auburn, and Clemson are amongst the schools that have expressed interest in his services. Rather, he deems it essential to often remind him on the importance of increasing his productivity and leadership qualities.

And everything else that comes with it. To reach Johnson, send email to andre makingheadlinenews.

Was Jesus a Copy of Horus, Mithras, Krishna, Dionysus and Other Pagan Gods?

Floyd Palmer faces multiple charges after the shooting at World Changers Church International and waived his first court hearing this morning, reports NBC Palmer has been charged with homicide murder, felony murder, aggravated assault murder and possession of a weapon during the commission of a felony. While he did not appear Thursday morning, family members of shooting victim Greg McDowell did make it to court.

His mother broke down sobbing while waiting to go inside.

youtube creflo dollar dating. Lifetime’s preachers daughters is a ‘christian show’ that is exploiting teen sexual desire for apostasy and heresy in the church lgbt events in jacksonville fl april calendar continues.

Madame Noire reported on the incident, and some of the comments speak to the dysfunction that is so much a part of the black community: Like Lakisha said, the man is still a father. The situation seems to have gotten out of hand and the police was called. Disrespect me and I whoop your behind, nuff said. We beat our kids more than any other race and have the worst results. Despite all the beatings, we have a high percentage of black boys locked up in prison.

In spite of Ma-Dea making her grand kids go fetch a green switch for their own whippings, we still have the highest out-wedlock rates, highest unemployment, high black-on-black crime, high drop out rate…need I go on? This is a hunch, but I think many parents perpetuate beating children because they want a sanctioned excuse for taking out their frustrations on their kids.

Whippings are a legacy of slavery, just like colorism. We use a few tactics, and spanking is a last resort and saved for the really bad stuff. Not that this incident will sway the Creflo zombies, who might go choke their kids, throw shoes at them, and call the police in protest.

“Hearing God in the Storm: The Storm of Fear”, Part 2 – Pastor John Hagee (August-29-2018)

Relief for Nigerians as Labour suspends strike Relief for Nigerians as Labour suspends strike November 6, Patrick Adewale Spread this article with love The Nigeria Labour Congress NLC and the Federal Government yesterday succeeded in averting what could have been a complete lockdown of the economy over the disagreement on minimum wage for workers. But Ayuba last night announced a suspension of the proposed action after the workers got what looked like a concession from the government team led by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation SGF , Boss Mustapha.

Although Wabba could not divulge the agreed amount, he said the work of the tripartite committee had been concluded and that the report would be submitted to President Muhammadu Buhari at 4. Asked to disclose the amount agreed upon by the tripartite committee, Wabba said: Nigerians yesterday were caught up in panic buying as they anticipated the industrial action by the organised labour.

Youtube creflo dollar dating lifetime’s preachers daughters is a ‘christian show’ that is exploiting teen sexual desire for houston lgbt events in jacksonville fl april calendar lgbt events youtube creflo dollar dating apostasy and heresy in the church con.

How does YouTube calculate its views? Freddie Gray judge rules against media motions. Date Joined Cry is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Cheyenne. The rules determine whether a tag’s text content is returned in a partial response. The parameter value must be a date or a date and time in ISO format. What’s next for Google Preferred more. How do you know if a dating relationship is moving too quickly emotionally, or too quickly toward marriage?

Your conscience generally reliable instrument, so as a general rule you should follow your conscience. Follow Desiring God on YouTube. Rules of Dating Korean Women: Your relationship with YouTubeSocial media are computer-mediated tools that allow people or companies to create, share,. Relationship development and loyalty programs: In order to increase thought to care mostly about identity, reputation, and relationships, whereas YouTube’s..

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For one thing or the other, he has been in the news over the past decade. With his domestic violence charges and financial transgressions, Rev. Creflo may not be the ideal Megachurch pastor. And this happy duo shares five children together. The non-denominational World Changers Church International based in College Park, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, is what made the Dollar family the millionaire it is today.

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April 7, This was not the basis for Jesus Christ. The movie spent over 30 minutes attacking the Bible and the Christian faith and specifically the idea that the story of Jesus Christ in the Gospels is nothing more than a copy of the story of the Egyptian God Horus, Mithras and other pagan gods. This article will show that not only are these claims incorrect and lack any substantive evidence, but that they are part of a greater spiritual agenda that Dan Brown, the Zeitgeist film and others have in common.

Was Jesus a Copy of Horus? The Egyptian God Horus. The Zeitgeist film makes a number of wild statements about Horus to attempt to prove that Jesus is a copy. The most famous by far, was that Horus was born from his mother Isis, who was not a virgin, but rather a widow of the slain Osiris.

Relief for Nigerians as Labour suspends strike

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The 50yearold leads the Creflo Dollar Ministries and is the pastor for World Changers Church International in the Atlanta suburb of College Park, which serves nearly 30, members, according to the churchs website.

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Now you see why the devil tried so aggressively to discredit my voice. I’m on my sabbatical and the enemy is trying to discredit me. Heck, I found out this past week I was supposed to be in jail for stealing the tithes,” he said as his congregation laughed. I sure wished somebody woulda told me. Found out my real name is not Creflo Dollar.

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Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio streamed directly from their servers. Dollar had been arrested for assaulting his year-old daughter, the black blogosphere has been in an uproar. Responses range from rationalization that he was merely doing his job as a father, to the disbeliving and skeptical, to the blind faith that pastor Dollar can do no wrong. We cannot understand any justification for a 50 year old adult male who represents himself as a man of God tackling his daughter to the ground, slapping her, choking her, and beating her with his shoe.

Many black people corporal punishment as a form of parental discipline; but when does meting out a just punishment cross boundaries and become terrorizing, physically abusing and degrading a child? Why is such violence towards females normalized in the black community? Why are black women so eager to justify physical assaults on children by grown men, and to protect and make excuses for anything vile or violent done by a pastor? We’ll discuss the book, Creflo Dollar, how black women have normalized abuse of females in the name of love and God.

Call to participate in the discussion! A new episode about every 32 days averaging 91 mins duration.

Creflo Dollar — What Is Your Purpose?