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In a major victory for campaigners, the Scottish Government has bowed to pressure to ensure that the independent external investigation into the scandal will be overseen by a senior lawyer. The chosen QC is expected to be named within the next two weeks. Campaigners have been adamant that the probe must be led by someone outwith the health service to avoid the risk of the NHS “marking its own homework”. The health board has been under fire since four doctors – who also act as staff representatives – wrote to the Herald in September accusing the senior leadership of presiding over a “culture of fear and intimidation” for the past decade. They said the “practice of suppressing criticism” had had an adverse effect on both staff and patients, but that they had felt compelled to go public as “more and more clinicians share with us their concerns on the impact this culture has had on them”. NHS Highland under fire after woman dies from tumour two months after being given all-clear Since the row erupted a number of former staff members and non-executive directors have also come forward to back calls for an independent inquiry, with some saying that the bullying had driven them to resign. Doctors claimed they had seen patients harmed as a result of targets and staff pressures, while ex-board members also complained that they had felt frustrated over a lack of transparency or reluctance to deal with bullying problems. We have heard so many stories over the years, so we are in absolutely no doubt that there needs to be an inquiry.

Your pregnancy and baby guide

Board members at the George Eliot Hospital have stressed that lessons have been learnt following the high profile case of year-old Brenda Grant, from Nuneaton. Mrs Grant suffered a stroke that left her unable to walk, talk or swallow in October Brenda Grant The gran had an advanced directive drawn up to say she should not have treatment to prolong her life if she were no longer of sound mind or had suffered from a list of medical ailments — but the hospital misplaced the important note.

It was during the public questions section of the George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust board meeting that resident Michele Kondakor raised her concerns about how no-one at the Eliot was aware of the note. The hospital has ‘apologised reservedly’ to the family of the Nuneaton gran. Catherine Free, medical director, explained that steps have been taken to ensure that it does not happened again.

A CAMPAIGN group fighting Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group’s (CCG) planned reforms to NHS services are hoping to appeal the outcome of a judicial review.

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright Leahy family Image caption Matthew Leahy was found hanged at the Linden Centre in Nine NHS institutions, including mental health units, are being investigated as part of a police inquiry into multiple deaths at a trust. Inquiries began after Matthew Leahy’s death at the Linden Centre in Police would not confirm which units were being probed.

The trust said it was “cooperating fully” with police. Initially, it was understood the police investigation was looking at up to 20 deaths at the Linden Centre in Chelmsford, but now deaths at multiple centres run by the trust are being investigated. The force said a number of people had been spoken to during the inquiry but no arrests had been made. Failings and miss opportunities Inquiries began in January following allegations surrounding the death of Mr Leahy, 20, at the Chelmsford facility in November Mr Leahy was admitted after his mental health problems had spiralled following cannabis use.

He was later found hanged at the centre. Two years later, an inquest concluded Mr Leahy had been subjected to a series of failings and missed opportunities over a long period of time.

NHS saves £288 million on syringes and disposable gloves

Pat Troyer is terrible to deal with. Glad its only on a short term basis for me just to settle my fathers estate, sell his condo and move …forward. No condolences, nothing, just money, money, money His accounts are frozen, how many times can you tell a person that!! You get paid when the attorney get me access to the estate funds!!! This company is the only one my father did business with that has a problem with waiting to settle the estate.

4 Clinical correspondence handling at NHS Shared Business Services Introduction The Department of Health (the Department) is ultimately responsible for securing value for .

A leading UK doctor has warned that doctors are refusing to treat patients with gender dysphoria. Transgender women in British prisons The NHS defines gender dysphoria as a “condition where a person experiences discomfort or distress because there is a mismatch between their biological sex and gender identity. And, the combined wait list for the UK’s 11 gender identity clinics is in excess of 5, people, says Barrett, citing NHS England figures.

This refusal to provide care contravenes NHS England guidance, however. Stonewall says training providers at medical institutions, as well as schools and universities should provide teaching on how to be LGBTQ-inclusive. There are also serious issues with the way in which transgender patients are treated by doctors, according to Barrett. They are teachers and accountants, police officers and doctors, parents and taxpayers, and — importantly — patients as deserving of respect and decent, routine NHS care as anyone else.

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Free prescriptions ‘save NHS money’ despite bill for ageing and obesity

Beat flu this winter Public Health Wales is reminding people with long term health conditions to protect themselves from flu this year New Clinical Response Vehicle The latest temporary addition to the Urgent Primary Care fleet.

We’ve been espousing the benefits of staying in and playing games for years now – but now the NHS is on board, prescribing a bit of gaming R&R to help get through a period of Norovirus suffering.

There are a number of organisations involved in liaison between patients, the public and the National Health Service NHS. They have one or more of the following roles: Representing the views of patients and the public to the NHS. Monitoring how well NHS bodies perform in taking account of these views. Supporting patients who are having difficulty with NHS services – for example, in finding a service or in making a complaint. This article outlines the various bodies involved in these roles.

There have been various changes over the period of a decade. The more recent developments are explained. They also had a role in supporting and helping patients with their local health services. CHCs were abolished in England in but they continue in Wales.

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Three quarters of those surveyed chose nurses and doctors as professions they trust the most and seven in ten people said they were some of the most important roles in society. Initially, the campaign puts a spotlight on nursing by prioritising key areas including mental health, learning disability and community and general practice nurses. This campaign is all about inspiring young people and others who want a change of career to come and work for the NHS and have a rewarding and fulfilling career that makes a real difference.

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These, often long held beliefs about yourself, ensure your confidence and self-esteem remains low. Do any of your unhelpful thoughts follow some of these patterns? Jot down any examples you can think of into the box below: We can learn techniques to challenge these unhelpful thoughts. This can help to reduce your social anxiety.

The next part of this handout will discuss how we can go about challenging our unhelpful thoughts. You may come up with a more balanced thought that is accurate and based on evidence. How to challenge unhelpful thoughts Once you have recognised an unhelpful thought the next stage is to challenge it.

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Share 89 shares The figure was a stark 2. Patients are believed to be more likely to die from infections or neglect when wards are above the safe level of 85 per cent – a level set by NHS bosses. It is believed that doctors and nurses may not always have time to wash their hands between patients. While there is also a danger that staff do not thoroughly clean beds in between patients as they are so busy.

But many warn this is becoming increasingly difficult to attain, with the NHS being over-stretched amid fears of its worst winter on record. Many of the patients occupying hospital beds are elderly and medically well enough to go home.

Lung Cancer is the second most common cancer in men and women in the UK. Research has shown that 89% of lung cancers are preventable. The main preventable risk factors for developing this cancer are smoking, certain occupational exposures and ionising radiation.

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NHS crutch amnesty declared

Call handlers for the NHS non-emergency telephone line will be able to book the appointments — which could also be with a pharmacist, practice nurse or at the walk-in centre — directly. But a Swindon GP has branded the plans a complete nightmare. NHS England is understood to have written to all clinical commissioning groups earlier this year, issuing new instructions about the NHS service. The non-emergency number, which replaced NHS Direct in , is staffed by advisers who are meant to be able to give health advice or direct people to local services, like hospital or a GP.

Service Review of NHS Grampian Eye Health Network 4 1 Setting the scene Introduction. Within the NHS, the General Practitioner (GP) has usually been the first point of.

Gone are the days of no or minimal rent plus low or non-existent service charges. Many of these properties will have been taken over by NHS Property Services NHS PS from 1 April this year, and the intention is to run on a fully commercial basis collecting proper market rents and demanding service charges based on the full and comprehensive cost of running the centre.

Indeed, such systems were being put into place prior to the transfer, and we hear stories that, in some areas, it is not the market rent and service charge that is being considered as such, but the back-dating of substantial costs where these have not been collected over recent years. There is no suggestion that there is to be any substantive change to the NHS Directions and the reimbursement scheme that lies at their heart.

Thus the proposal to charge full market rent for GPs in NHS property may be an administrative complication but it should not result in a financial deficit although it may cause a cash flow problem. However, the service charge is very different as, while GPs will receive some contribution towards external decoration and repair, this is not true of internal costs, which of course can be very extensive in some of these older-style NHS properties.

Not least of course is the cost of internal services including boilers, central heating and lifts. To add to the above grief, doctors in NHS premises will potentially continue to suffer from their outdated style and fittings. Should GPs therefore be considering the purchase of these buildings?